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sustainable packaging design

Green Thumb English IPA packaging design featuring Earthy & Fruity, Floral & Citrus, and Herbal & Spicy.

seed pack front.png
seeds back.png

Sustainable label featuring a Larkspur seedling packet for consumers to plant.

Poster designs for all three Green Thumb beer varieties. 

Green Thumb microsite design, including seedling planting instructions and information.

Merchandise and compostable beer carrier designs for Green Thumb English IPA.

Green Thumb English IPA

Green Thumb English IPA was designed as an environmentally-conscious offering from the fictitious beer brand, Beer Corp. As the world’s first 100% sustainable beer brand, Green Thumb uses a decomposable packaging design inspired by Carlsberg’s Green Fibre bottle. Each packaging design is inspired by a different Ontario flower that plays host to a pollinator. Additionally, each bottle comes with a small seedling packet allowing consumers to plant the flowers and help nature first-hand. Each bottle, as well as each seedling packet features a QR code that links to our microsite so they can learn more about the brand, planting instructions, and purchase merchandise.

Graphic Designers: Miranda Diez, Julian Ho-Young Cadogan & Rachel Sardella

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