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The Menopause Foundation of Canada 

The Client

The Menopause Foundation of Canada is an organization created to end the stigma around menopause and offer women resources to manage this important life change. MFC is one of the first organizations in Canada to begin an open conversation about menopause, backed by a medical board of experts. 

The Design Brief

One of the main goals of the brand was to look less predictable than other medical organizations created for women. We wanted to avoid pinks, purples, hearts, and icons of female anatomy, which are common design elements in most feminine health organizations. The brand image needed to be empowering, bold, welcoming, and symbolize the idea of bravery, growth, and optimism. As the brand designer, it was my job to bring this idea to life.

Our Solution

Working directly with Co-Founder, Janet Ko, we developed a brand design that is bright, bold, professional, and that celebrates this change in a woman's life. The inspiration behind the logo is the sun and how every woman is radiant and brilliant. Created using three shades of yellow and various sized circles, the logo has movement to represent the change that menopause brings to a woman's life. The brand colours are blue, yellow, and white. These colours present strong contrast and visual appeal while straying from the traditional feminine colours which was one of the brand goals. 

The Design Process

As with most designs, this process started on paper and it was later turned into a digital render on Illustrator. There were several variations of this logo presented before the final design was chosen to ensure that the brand goals were met and the client was happy. After finalizing the logo, the rest of the organization's brand elements were created, including brand colours, shapes, style, etc. Some of the items created were a professional letterhead, an email signature, PowerPoint template, and finally website design.


*The website is currently being developed. 

Key Learnings

This project was an amazing opportunity to practice my design and communication skills with a client. It was my first experience designing a real brand from scratch, and it was a rewarding challenge. I learned that less is more. I was presenting the client with too many design options and logo variations. I now know to present a few favourite designs and develop from there. I also reminded that seeking advice or insights from other designers is a good way to gain a different perspective on a project. 


Based on my experience with the Menopause Foundation of Canada, I look forward to future opporunities to work with new organizations or brands to achieve their goals. This foundation is such a worthy cause, and I hope that Canadian women gain valuable insights into menopause through this project. 

Designer: Me
Date: 12/12/2021