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multichannel ad campaign

Billboard poster design for the MyMcDonalds Rewards Your Future is Rewarding campaign.

MyMcDonalds Rewards Logo EN.png

Mall and transit posters featuring a cootie catcher and tarot card designs for the Your Future is Rewarding campaign.


Interactive Instagram story and TikTok filter to encourage social media engagement.

Cootie catcher and Magic 8 Ball Happy Meal Toys as a nostalgic reference to fortune telling.

Your future is rewarding

This promotional, multichannel campaign was designed to educate new and returning MyMcDonald’s Rewards users about the benefits of collecting points by creating a fresh and engaging campaign. Audiences are actively searching for positivity and optimism during difficult times, and our lighthearted, future-inspired campaign speaks to this need. "Your future is rewarding" is a spin on the idea of fortune telling or future predictions. We want app users to see MyMcDonald’s Rewards within their future, suggesting that earning and redeeming points is just around the corner. This campaign consists of Out-of-Home print ads, Social Media posts, a TikTok filter, and Happy Meal Toys. 

Art Director: Miranda Diez

Graphic Designers: Julian Ho-Young Cadogan & Rachel Sardella

Award: Cossette x MyMcDonald's Rewards Brief

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